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    Rules For Semi's


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    Rules For Semi's

    Post by Deathman_RulZ on Mon May 02, 2011 11:23 pm

    rules: rules: rules: rules: rules:

    Nomad[Chinese War]

    1. all matches have to take place before april May 9th
    2. please post your free timings and place of gaming[voobly gr ip] in ur schedule topics
    3. in game u have to use ur original nicknames u have posted while registering yourself at
    4. v1.0c must be used for playing u can get the 1.0c patch at voobly if u dont have it.
    5. use of bamboolover or pussywood is allowed
    6. post your recorded games links at the same schedule topics after compressing them and uploading them to
    7. as stated earlier follow the rules given in
    8. only one game knockout

    If anyone disconnects another game should be played if the disconnector arrives within 10 mins of disconnection
    In case of dc please save and exit your game and post the recorded game
    If there is second disconnection by the same person then the disconnector will be automatically disqualified

    contact your opponent by g mail check for his registry it is available here


    Game Type: Random Map
    Map Type: Standard
    Map: Nomad
    civilisation: Chinese
    game speed: normal
    resources: Standard
    reveal map: normal
    lock speed,teams
    record game is most important so dont forget it

    If ur opponent dosnt arrive on time then please wait for 30 minutes before posting here a screen shot of ur g mail open beside which this page must be open:

    DEATHAMAN_ rules:

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