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    Road to 1850


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    Road to 1850

    Post by _CsK_ImDrG_ on Sat Jan 17, 2009 3:29 am

    Step One:

    Getting to Feudal with the Resources You Need and a Decent Time.
    For this Step its best to watch a record of a good player and copy his start.

    Step Two:


    Scouting isn't that hard, you find all eight sheep, two boars, berries, both your stones, your main gold and two other gold pits incase one gets towered. Also when you are scouting enemy look for his wood, berries, and anywhere later in the game that he may possibly make a tc. This comes in handy later in the game when your raiding, you can place knights in the spots where you know he will make a tc and stop him from booming. Also if you are scouting your enemy and you notice he has built a two lumbercamps on the same wood pit, scout and see if you can tower it.

    Step Three:

    Feudal War
    Ok now your feudal. The best feudal mix IMO is Scouts/Skirms and later switch off to Archers and Scouts. Unless your map is really bad. For example If both of your stone pits are Forward and your enemy is close you should go two ranges, otherwise Stable and two ranges is best. Attack where ever you can with the scouts but TRY NOT TO LOSE them. One unit is better then no units, even if it has low hp. Also when fighting enemy always look for a place to retreat to, if things get out of hand. Hills are very important too. If you are in a situation where he has more units then you, run away and try to fight the battle on a hill when u have just about the same number of units. The best advice I have ever been told for feudal warfare was 'Stay on enemy, but dont lose army' - Koven..

    Step Four:

    Feudal Economy

    Ok, so your feudal. Research Lumber upgrade and Mill upgrade first thing. the mill upgrade is optional but I really suggest it if your going to go scouts, because farms will have +75 food and you wont be spending as much wood replenishing farms. Also it is a good idea to keep your wood low in feudal. Try to balance out your resources. i.e 100 wood 100 food.

    Always REPLACE wood camps after they get 3-4 tiles away from the wood source.

    Step Five:
    Stopping The 'kmkm'
    Ok, so you got kmkm'ed... Don't Panic send three or four villagers to stone right away, make a stable and start towering up. Use your scouts to attack enemy . After you create a few scouts start mining gold and try to get to Castle age before he does. This shouldn't be a problem because he has had -4 working villangers , that he sent to forward you with. If you cant hurt your enemy's econ with scouts, keep distracting him, remember the more spears he makes the later castle time he will achieve.

    Step Six:

    Micro is more about speed and experience. You can't read your way through learning how to micro. For this I suggest you ethier play some micro scenarios or play very many games. Basically ranged units should kill spears, scouts should kill skirms, and spears should kill scouts. It may be a good idea to Hotkey your units. 1 Scouts, 2 Ranged , 3 spears. Everyones hotkeys are different but I like to have my ranged units hotkey close to my scouts so I can switch over fast and not make a mistake of sending my spears to attack ranged units.

    Step Seven:

    Booming isn't that hard, it's really about the economy upgrades and multiple town centers. Wheelbarrow should be researched about 20 minutes. Its also a good idea to get Handcart as soon as you get castle age, unless you are playing pocket. Basically handcart should be researched at 100 pop, or around 30-31 minutes.

    Step Eight:

    The best way to raid is to attack from multiple places at once. Because the enemy can't be looking at multiple places at once. Also try to attack places that have not so much protection, like a lumbercamp with no towncenter, or a goldmine with no towncenter or many pikes.
    Step Eight: The Mini-Map
    The Mini-Map is very important. You should try to look at it as much as possible especially in late feudal and up. Look for enemy units, when you see the enemy imediatly click the mini-map and goto the place where he is attacking to garrison villagers.

    Step Nine:

    Map Control
    Map control is very important in imperial age. If you don't control more wood/gold/stone then your enemy you will most likely win.

    Step Ten:

    Castle Age Warfare
    Knights are good for raiding. But As soon as your economy gets going real good make Pikeman and rams. This is a very good and easy way to kill or slow down your enemy.
    Step Eleven: Play Play Play
    Play a lot of 1v1 games and try to play agianst better players.

    I could go on and on and on, but this is pretty much the basics.


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