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    Application for _CsK_ (please Create new topic)


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    Application for _CsK_ (please Create new topic)

    Post by daG on Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:25 pm

    no other post should be posted here only the detail for the newbie is allowed .

    Voobly profile link:
    Previous Clans:
    CsK Members you know:

    (OPTIONAL)contact number:

    previous members: note do not post in this thread.please..

    player selected for CSK is told by any means of contact given by them

    please download gtalk by clicking this googletalk and add , , , in your contact.
    NOTE: if you are a msn user . than provide your msn id. and also add and in you contact ..

    Record your game here=

    the most important thing is ((friendly with all or you are out (not applicable to killer)

    bluewolf and Imdrg are our admin and founder as leader also. so give them the most respect .

    we are always hiring so just put your self in trial and leave rest to us.

    please see down for some quick view rules rules:

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    Join date : 2008-12-31
    Age : 24

    Re: Application for _CsK_ (please Create new topic)

    Post by daG on Sat Apr 18, 2009 4:15 am

    I. Introduction rules:

    If you use our forum/site, you agree to everything stated in this Code of Conduct. If violated, we are allowed to ban all your accounts without notice. While we usually warn violaters of this CoC before taking action, repeated violations may turn into a ban.

    II. Main Rules

    We created the Code of Conduct to provide a basic understanding of what's allowed and not allowed. This Code of Conduct gives knowledge of what CSk will or will not allow on their forums/site. The following are the foundations of what is in our Code of Conduct, which each user should attempt to emulate:
    # Create and maintain a laid-back and friendly environment for users
    # Maintain users’ privacy
    # Keep everything legal
    # Use our forums/site responsibly, avoiding activities which would put off existing users or discourage new ones.
    # Maintain a freedom of speech and information sharing in a responsible manner.

    Freedom of Speech?

    Free speech is very important to CSK, but some acts may damage our reputation and our community and cannot tolerated. Our resources, being limited, cannot be allowed to be damaged by one user, having a negative effect on the whole community.

    Members of CSK must act responsibly.

    V. Spam

    You may not spam. The following are some examples of spam:
    # Excessive threads with no relevance to the section
    # Constant posting of meaningless/nonsensical messages
    # Overly frequent posting of similar-meaning messages
    # Constantly posting only to increase your post count
    # Inciting conflict on the forums or client
    # Blatant advertising
    # Posting messages without content

    VII. Illegal Materials
    Piracy is the copying or distributing of copyrighted content (games, software, music, etc.) illegally. A crack is a program that disables copy-protection. Hacks/Cheats are patches, files, programs, modifications, or informations exposed that allow a player an unfair advantage over other human players in a multiplayer game.

    You may not encourage, post in support of, link to, or discuss activities, methods, and/or techniques involving piracy, cracks, multiplayer hacks, or any other illegal activities.

    VIII. Impersonating a User

    Attempting to impersonate a user, using in an effort to deceive or mislead is prohibited.

    IX. Profanities

    Bypassing the software based profanity filter is prohibited. Sexual remarks or slang may be considered profanity, in addition to words included on the censor list.

    Anything done to avoid the default filtering by the censor is a bypass of it. In example, if the word ‘Apple’ was a word on the censor list, the following would be prohibited:
    # App1e, Appl3
    # Applë
    # Apple, Appl.e
    # A link to an image using the word ‘Apple’ demeaningly.

    X. Harassing

    Usage of terms and visual or audio content referring to ethnic/national origin, gender, sexual preference, or ideological/religious beliefs is strictly prohibited. Discrimination is not at all tolerated; violation of this rule includes promotion of hate or violence, advocates discrimination against individuals, groups, cultures, or races because of their origin..

    XI. Derogatory Remarks

    If you use any terms in an offensive context against a person, race, culture, group or organization, as determined by our moderators, you are in violation of this rule.
    Please note that words carry different meanings in different cultures, and that while a word may be acceptable use in one part of the world, it may not be in another. In addition, any one can invent their own derogatory terms, unfortunately. Because of those factors, we will evaluate the context in which the term was used to determine whether a violation has occurred.

    Any term used offensively against a user, culture, group, organization, or race, as determined by csk Staff, is in violation of this rule. Words carry various meanings in different cultures, and a word acceptable in one part of the world may not be acceptable elsewhere. The context of the term will be used to decide whether or not it was a violation of this rule.

    XII. Porn/Sexually Offensive Materials

    You may not post or link to pornography or sexually offensive materials. If you are unsure whether what you wish to post may be in violation of this rule, please consult a moderator first before posting.

    XIII. Email Addresses

    # Harvesting of e-mail addresses from our forums is ALLOWED.

    XIV. Moderation/Bans

    # Evasion of a ban is prohibited. Doing so will lengthen your ban. If you think your actions did not violate the Code of Conduct, appeal your ban .
    # Public complaint of another user’s ban, message deletion, or thread closure/deletion is prohibited. Any discussion of the aforementioned should be done between private e-mail/PM between the persons involved.
    # You may not re-edit a message if it has been edited by a moderator

    XV. Miscellaneous

    # You are not allowed to post a link to the forum logout page.

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